Does the thought of selling make you feel a bit icky?

Do you struggle to close a sale? Do you close sales but not on the terms you want? Maybe you’re too timid and give in way too easily? Or you have a sales team who are too pushy, too salesy and scare people off? Do you get told you’re too expensive?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone! And you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Moira and I want to help you to SELL WITH HEART...

❤ Selling with Heart is all about changing your MINDSET.
❤ You’ll learn how selling is a conversation with a win-win, happy ending.
❤ You’ll create an action plan packed with heart-centred sales strategies that work!
❤ You and your prospect will leave the sales process happy, with values intact and no ‘icky’ feelings!

This is for YOU if you’re…

❤ a business owner or a sales manager with a sales team (who just aren’t performing as you’d like them to!) who needs help with training
❤ an experienced sales person (looking for new heart-led ideas to increase sales!)
❤ a new business owner or new to selling (selling yourself and/or your services/products is totally new and out of your comfort zone!)

If you are in the glorious North East of England (Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland or Teeside) I can help you face to face. Alternatively I can work with you remotely if you are based elsewhere in the UK. 

Photograph of Moira Barnes, selling expert.

Are YOU Ready to Feel Good About Selling?

Reviews & Testimonials ❤

NEL Fund Managers

"The sales training provided by Moira has instilled in the team a greater confidence to sell, clarity on the product itself and the USP. We're seeing people engage more on social media, not just 'likes' but conversations with intermediaries. Moira has an easy way with people, always happy to draw on her invaluable knowledge and share hints, tips and real advice on actions that san be put in place immediately to improves sales pipeline."

Carolyn McGregor - Business Development Manager

MINT Business Club

"Moira has delivered Sales training for our MINT members on a number of occasions and they have been well planned and very well received. Moira is a natural sales trainer who makes a tricky subject easily accessible to all of our members who don't feel like sales is their strength. Moira now heads up sales for MINT Business Club too - she was that good we asked her to join our Steering group."

Nicola Little, Founder & MD

Visual Punch

"We had some sales training with Moira. Very informative and we changed our own sales process on the back of it. We now feel that we have a more engaged way of selling and look to provide even more value to our customers as we understand our sales process better. If you're looking for help or advice for your team and their sales techniques and process you should speak to Moira."

James Ibbitson, Head of Video Production

Want to see how I can help you and your sales team?

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