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I'll say it again - build the relationship first!

I love the Kevin Coster movie ‘Field of Dreams’ which the above line is repeated throughout and it is something that comes to mind for me especially when it comes to selling.  Build a good relationship and the customers will come to you!  It is just so, SO important to have a good relationship but start with building A relationship. I’ve written a previous blog post about selling via LinkedIn and the horrible spammy ‘messages’ we get (read it here The importance of building r...

February 13, 2020

Value you time - give but not for free!

Last month I needed to have a word with myself. At the heart at what I do is helping people. It really does bring me joy. But I need to be careful and ask “at what cost?”. You see I had two occasions last month were businesses I know asked if they could have a quick chat with me about sales. Sure, no problem is my automatic response. But it's important that I protect myself, as in these two cases I gave so much and as a result I felt exhausted and kicking myself because the expectation ...

November 26, 2019

An important sales tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

I’m still in my one year anniversary month so have been reflecting on how far I have come in that year.  It’s something that I should do more of as it has quite the transformational magic needed for a solo business owner.  What do I mean by that? Well as a solopreneur we have to be a jack of all trades but still an expert in our chosen field. It’s a constant juggling act and only by taking some time out to reflect can we check we are still heading towards our original goal. ...

October 20, 2019

Try this one tip to gain more sales!

As I come to the end of my summer break I’m sitting in the dining room of our holiday home, looking out at the misty fells around me and reflecting on the last three weeks of family time. I’ve witnessed many variations of the sales conversation and in different languages (we camped in France near Lake Annecy for two weeks before heading the the English Lake District) during that time. When I’ve been really happy is when that sales conversation has been genuine and heartfelt. We f...

August 27, 2019

What to expect from one of my #sellingwithheart sales workshops


July 17, 2019

Selling via LinkedIn - The importance of building relationships first

Last Saturday I almost posted a rant on my LinkedIn page but held back.  BUT actually, I think the basis of that ‘almost rant’ is a very valuable lesson with regards to selling on LinkedIn. I’m not an expert about the platform but I certainly know how I want to be approached when using it. ...

July 9, 2019

'Ask and you shall receive'

While on my walk home from dropping my daughter off at school this morning I paused as I passed the local playground. Now, what’s this got to do with sales I hear you ask. Well whenever I pass or use that playground with my kids, my chest swells with pride slightly as I was very much involved in getting that playground improved 3 years ago. Its previous incarnation was a small, cramped space with one slide and a climbing frame and some bizarre circular rocking thing that no-one even understoo...

June 5, 2019

Whiteacres 5 Minutes With....interview

Back in October I was asked to get a guest on Whiteacres 5 Minutes With.... series. Here I am sharing my 3 top sales tips that will help you remember to sell with heart. ...

June 3, 2019

Who's afraid of the big bad follow up?

I wrote a post recently regarding an easy sales strategy you can implement today that will have an immediate effect on growing your business. It’s simple because you will have already done most of the work. You will have built relationships, asked the right questions and listened to the answers. From this, you will have identified how your products or services can genuinely help and answered any concerns raised. If you’ve asked for the sale (which you should always do) and they’ve bought,...

April 23, 2019

You're too expensive!

Have you had anyone say this to you yet? Does it stop you in your tracks? How do you respond? This is something small business owners are faced with countless times when they start out. Yes, you have found your passion, that brings you joy and you have done your homework to see you have a viable business. As part of that, you will have looked at your own value. What is your experience in this field? Who else is out there doing anything like this? How is your business different to theirs? How ar...

March 26, 2019

Confidence - Find your comfort cushion

Confidence can be described as one's belief in one's ability to succeed. How confident are you? Do you go out there feeling you can conquer the world at any given moment or are you much more likely to feel a little unsure and holding back? In another lifetime I worked at the BBC. It was a great place to work and was at the latter end of the ’90s into the naughties when there was still quite a carefree attitude to budget spending. As a result, the BBC was pretty hot for training. They were an I...

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