Zoom Fatigue

 Illustration of Zoom meeting on a laptop

The latest Pandemic issue to think about.

As we start to return to the 'new normal' how are you trying to adjust?

Next week I am delivering some sales training for the DoBusinessNetwork (DBN) so I am currently preparing my content for that. However, following a few discussions with colleagues/network what I would normally deliver in 3 hours face to face I am looking at delivering in an hour and a half.

The reason being? Zoom exhaustion! Are you experiencing it?

It's a real thing and is something I am definitely experiencing. Anything too long and I zone out. Why? Well, we are having to process information so differently compared to face to face that we are using up a lot more of our own mind 'bandwidth'. In a 'normal' training setting, delegates sit next to each other and aren't having to make direct eye contact with others in the room all the time. The slight lag in time, say the pauses etc are making us strain to listen harder and the worry about will the tech work adds to an already overloaded anxiety. And don't even get me started on the stress of seeing the reflection of yourself constantly!

All these Zoom/video meetings and networking are also reminding us we aren't circulating and with the people we might normally be with during the normal working day. It's going to have an underlying effect on our mental wellbeing, which as its mental health awareness week, we should take a moment to think about. Our lives are all joining up too. My husband who shares an office with me, knows my introduction piece by heart having listened to me on several (hundreds?) of video meetings. I'm normally out and about while he can tap away answering emails and writing articles in relative peace. He's not learning anything new, however, because its a one-way conversation as I have my headphones in most of the time. My children have featured many times, and the call of 'muuuummm' has been heard by many people! There's very little break between our working life and home life.

As a meeting 'host' I need to be aware of these factors and offer some 'get outs'. I am going to tell delegates next week that if they'd like, they can turn off their camera's. I will probably mute everyone until the end to avoid hearing someone's cat knocking over pans in the background. And importantly I will edit my "Selling Success' training to still deliver the same excellent value but in a condensed version.

What are you doing differently in light of this new phenomenon?
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