CLUBHOUSE - top tips for starting out on the new HOT social platform.

What is Clubhouse? Do I REALLY need it? How do I get an invite?

At first, I raised my eyes to heaven and thought “ugh - not another platform to get my head around”. I made a decision I wasn’t going to get onto it - thinking ‘shiny new object’ I was going to ignore. 

But then I got an invite.

So I thought, I’ll just check it out. 

The first time I checked into a room I was terrified people would see and hear me as I was literally ‘tipped’ into that room before I knew it. So I hit ‘Leave Quietly’ and I am was out. 

But then I did a bit more research, read some posts from others on there and gave it another try...I’m now hooked!


I’ve talked before about how I love a good old fashioned phonecall - that instant natural connection. I tell my clients all the time, they should just pick up the phone and talk to their customers. They’ll get a much quicker response that way. They’ll hear the reaction instantly to whatever it is you want to discuss with them. 

Well, I feel like Clubhouse is just this. Hearing the human voice - getting an instant reaction. 

Another benefit is that because its audio, you can be listening in while doing something else - like homeschooling in my case. I’m able to drop in and out of rooms without having to worry what it will be looked like. 

So what am I actually talking about? 

Clubhouse is a new AUDIO only social platform

At the time of writing this, it is an ‘invite only’ platform - a great FOMO (fear of missing out) tactic. Plus it can only be accessed from Apple iPhones/iPads at present (Android coming soon). 

The platform was created and launched in May 2020 by two tech-savvy guys in America - Paul Davison a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Rohan Seth, an ex-Google employee. They just announced this last weekend that they have secured millions more $ to allow them to develop the platform making it more accessible and inclusive. It has had huge growth in just this last month. 

Big names, Oprah, Amy Porterfield, Grant Cordone are already on there, building a great following. But even smaller businesses and just everyday people are gaining great ground. 

So should you get on board?

That’s up to you. 

I see it as a fantastic tool for learning from others and sharing my expertise to a wider audience. For my clients, what better place to practice ‘talking’ to people and having conversations to stop them hiding behind Facebook and Instagram posts.

I have a goal to help the world to sell better so in our socially distanced times, this is a perfect platform form for me. 

My BIG goal for this year is to help 1000 businesses gain greater confidence in selling. And hey if I’m participating in a ‘room’ with 100’s of people, then I might just smash that quicker than I thought. 

For you, think about what you might gain? A greater understanding of a subject you are interested in? The opportunity to network with some people you idolise in your sector? The chance to change your mindset about something that is holding you back? Or is it you can spread the word about what it is you can do to HELP people. 

By offering VALUE over selling - those are the people who will be successful on this platform.

The Basics

This app allows you to talk and network with people all over the world by voice only. 

No need to check your hair is looking good before you go on, unlike we’ve all had to do before all the Zoom calls we’ve had this last year. 

Think of this app as a huge global conference. There will be some ‘rooms’ you are interested in dropping into and some you won’t have the slightest interest in. That’s ok - you choose.  You can drop into different ‘rooms’ and just listen to the subject matter. That’s what I have been doing - listening and learning. 

Rooms are NOT recorded. It is strictly prohibited in the community rules at present, but worth keeping an eye on this in case it changes. But I like that it’s not allowed at the moment as it means there are some amazing honest conversations happening. 
You can ‘sit’ in the audience and listen or if you have something to add to the conversation, you can raise your hand (via an icon) and be invited up onto the speaking panel or ‘stage’. By doing this and sharing relevant (to the room) information and value, other people in that room in the audience or up on stage can choose to follow you.

Your Profile

This brings me to the next important point - take some time to set up your profile.

The first three lines of your profile are very important. When you are in a ‘room’ and click on someone’s headshot, you will only see those first three lines - so make them important - what do you want people to know you for. Why would they want to connect with you. 

Add into your profile what you hope to gain from Clubhouse as well as what you can offer. 

Include emoji’s as these are searchable. Think about what your keywords are to help with search also. If you only want to attract a tribe from the UK, include both the word and the union jack emoji in your profile for example. 

Think about what next steps you want people to take. Currently, there are no DM’s natively in Clubhouse. You should link to your Twitter or Instagram account as you will be able to make this clickable, making it easier for your ideal customer to connect with you on a 121 basis.

How to sell on Clubhouse

In a word DON’T! 

Let your profile do the selling, while you concentrate on adding value, having conversations and building up a new network. If you try to sell in a room, you’ll risk being kicked off the ‘stage’ and being unfollowed. Obviously, if you are invited by whoever is moderating a room to talk about what you sell or are in a pitching room, this is a great way to practice that pitch. But I honestly believe this platform is a fantastic way to practice telling people in an un-salesy way what it is you can do to HELP people. 

As I have already mentioned it is only downloadable on Apple mobile products BUT they have just employed a new developer to work on an Android version, so keep an ear out for when that’s coming - supposedly in March. 

But even with an Apple product you still need to secure yourself an invite. 

Yes really! 

Invites are limited to each user, so you can ask around your network if anyone has an invite spare. But there is also another way to get in there without using up someones invite! 

Here’s a backdoor way to get into Clubhouse!

If you are in the contacts of someone who is already on the platform BEFORE you download the app (and secure your user name), they will get a message popping up asking them if they’d like to walk you in. This will be without them losing one of their (currently) precious invites. Good eh!

And once you are in, you’ll be given 3 invites to hand out. But choose wisely as they need to be accepted and used before you are given more. So check they are on Apple and even more importantly, that you know they are someone reliable and not likely to cause trouble. If they do and are kicked out. By association, you’ll be kicked out too! 
So, what are you waiting for, try it out for yourself. See if you are likely to enjoy it. If you don’t, no sweat, just delete it but keep an open mind, avoid the rooms that look like they won’t be of interest and just enjoy being you and talking to other humans in an almost pre covid way. 

Clubhouse Lingo

  • Invites - limited invites that helps create the FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Hallway - the main feed when you first gt into the app
  • Moderator/MOD - every room will have a moderator or several moderators. The best advice is to have a wingman to help you moderate a room. As mods, you get to choose who can come up to the stage to speak, make others on stage moderators and put people back into the audience when they are done speaking or asking a question 
  • PTR - Pull To Refresh. Speakers will say this every now and then and what they mean is to pull the screen down to refresh the room, see who is new in the room, if anyone has changed their profile photo etc. 
  • Re-set the room - moderators will do this every now and then to help new people who have just come in the room understand what the room topic is OR to bring the conversation back to the reason for the room. 

Please reach out to me at any time at moira@moirabarnes.com if you’d like me to walk you through getting set up on Clubhouse or to see if I have any invites spare to share with you. And if I’ve not answered something in here yet, let me know. I can always update the post. 

Want a VIP tour?

Search for me once you are on Clubhouse @sellwithheart and I’ll give you a VIP tour.