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I love the Kevin Coster movie ‘Field of Dreams’ which the above line is repeated throughout and it is something that comes to mind for me especially when it comes to selling.  Build a good relationship and the customers will come to you!  It is just so, SO impo...
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A lesson in protecting and selling your value!

Last month I needed to have a word with myself. At the heart at what I do is helping people. It really does bring me joy. But I need to be careful and ask “at what cost?”. You see I had two occasions last month were businesses I know asked if they could have a quick chat...
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As I come to the end of my summer break I’m sitting in the dining room of our holiday home, looking out at the misty fells around me and reflecting on the last three weeks of family time. I’ve witnessed many variations of the sales conversation and in different lang...
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Last Saturday I almost posted a rant on my LinkedIn page but held back.  BUT actually, I think the basis of that ‘almost rant’ is a very valuable lesson with regards to selling on LinkedIn. I’m not an expert about the platform but I certainly know how I want to be...
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