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1-to-1 ‘Love My Sales’ Coaching​

Are you passionate about your business? Lost when it comes to sales? Clam up when it comes to closing? Lose potential clients along the way? No idea what your sales strategy should look like? Nodding?

Then, you need ‘Love My Sales’ Coaching to boost your confidence, belief and sales
figures. I want to use the passion you have for your brand to help you fall in love with selling.

With my support, you will…

❤  Identify gaps in your marketing that are losing you sales.
❤  Understand the sales process in a way that feels natural for you.
❤  Learn proven sales techniques to reach, close-down and follow-up sales.
❤  Develop a sales strategy unique to your business.

Get in touch to book a time slot with me. Every session is different depending on your
needs and budget – from a one-off 1-hour to regular, weekly sessions.

‘Selling with Heart’ Workshops

I run regular workshops with groups of 9 to 12 people.

In this workshop setting, you’ll soon find out that your own sales challenges aren’t that uncommon! We will work through each stage of the sales process pausing to really get to the heart of any concerns each member may have.  We share stories from real life situations and bounce ideas off each other in the group.  At the end of the workshop everyone leaves with new ideas and a fresh perspective on their own sales

This workshop is great for solo business owners but is excellent for sales teams too. So, if you have a sales team who need to boost their sales power, get in touch to book your own workshop with me.

Follow me on Facebook to hear about the next series of workshops or book online HERE

Public Speaking – ‘The Heart of Sales’

Offering sales insights and stories that will make people smile, laugh, and cry.

Inspiring your audience to get to ‘The Heart of Sales’ and understand that selling is a conversation that we should enjoy, not shy away from. Because I truly believe selling is about giving, not getting. Attendees will leave inspired and motivated, with new ideas and techniques to try that will have them ‘selling with heart’ in no time. I am happy to talk at small networking groups as well as corporate events so get in touch today to discuss.

Why Choose Me to Speak?

I have over 30 years’ experience in sales. This includes time at the BBC, Hearst UK, as a member of the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women), winning awards for my sales capabilities and throwing in the corporate towel to run my own sales consultancy. I am in a unique position to talk about sales with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. As a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, I help raise the value of sales, letting others see that done correctly sales is a profession to be proud of.

I am happy to talk at small networking groups as well as corporate events so get in touch today to discuss.

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