You can now work ‘with’ me virtually via online sales courses at the Selling With Heart Academy. Work at your own pace, in your own surroundings but benefit from my 30+ years in sales all the same.

Stop avoiding the sales conversations and take action.

The year 2020 has certainly been one of change. 

While we aren’t all in the same boat we are all weathering the same storm and as such, many businesses have needed to pivot. In fact, there has been an upsurge in people starting their own businesses as they have had time to reassess their work/life balance or have received a payout from a redundancy that has forced them to rethink their lives. 

So I want to now widen my audience and reach out to help more people sell with heart and confidently through my online sales course at the Selling With Heart Academy. I will keep adding courses below as they are released. 

Conversations that Convert

By following the 7 steps in the Conversations That Convert mini online course you will feel an instant mindset shift that will empower you and drive your sales faster. You will also have...

  • Increased confidence when selling - you’ll know what to say, where to say it and how to convert those conversations into sales.
  • More targetted customers to stop you wasting your time - once you’ve really identified who you should speak to you, you can understand what they need to hear so they come to you ready to spend.
  • Increased profits and repeat business which will further boost your confidence which will help you sell more and scale your business

Want a sneak peak inside this online sales course?

I recorded this video to explain in a little more detail who the course is for, what its all about and how it works. Please note - the special launch offer that you see on screen has now ended. 





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