‘Selling with Heart’ Workshops

I run regular workshops with groups of 6 to 8 people (currently running online)

In this workshop setting, you’ll soon find out that your own sales challenges aren’t that uncommon! We will work through each stage of the sales conversation pausing to really get to the heart of any concerns each member may have.  We share stories from real life situations and bounce ideas off each other in the group.  At the end of the workshop everyone leaves this sales training workshop with new ideas and a fresh perspective on their own sales

This workshop is great for solo business owners but is excellent sales training for teams too. So, if you have a sales team who need to boost their sales power, get in touch to book your own bespoke workshop with me.

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"Left with actions to implement that can only benefit your business"

"I took part in Moira's new online #SellingWithHeart training and loved it. Lots of great tips and advice, further suggested reading and resources and you are left with actions to implement that can only benefit your business" 

Kathryn-Koko Forte, Kathryn Forte Massage Therapy and WEARfit